Even in a pandemic.


While our course has changed our mission has not. Seattle Children's Hospital and their patients need support now more than ever. 

Sign up to run the inaugural race dedicated to Liv's unwavering spirit and help raise money for uncompensated care at Seattle Children's to ensure that families in our area can focus on their children's wellbeing, not the medical bill in their mailbox.

Proceeds from this fun run will benefit uncompensated care at Seattle Children’s Hospital, which provides medical care to children in our region regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

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When Olivia went in for her 6 year wellness visit, her pediatrician was concerned that she was falling off the growth chart. She recommended Olivia see a neurologist at Seattle Children’s. 


Olivia and her parents, Josh and Alisa, were referred to different specialists over the next six months. As time went on, Olivia began to complain of leg pain, and started showing signs of low endurance and a lack of coordination. After many referrals and tests, doctors determined a diagnosis: a rare genetic disorder called Morquio. 


Morquio syndrome affects a child's bones and spine, organs and physical abilities. Children with this condition are missing or don't produce enough of the enzymes that break down sugar chains naturally produced in the body. Olivia’s condition requires a treatment plan with a weekly enzyme infusion. Her hospital visits are six hours long and out-of-pocket cost for her treatment would be nearly $30,000 every week - for the rest of her life. Thanks to incredible medical insurance, Josh and Alisa have been able to make sure Oliva gets the medical care she needs with minimal out of pocket costs.


Today, Olivia is an energetic fourth grader who has three surgeries and countless transfusions under her belt. Olivia and her mom have been approaching these past events and everything in life with the mantra: “I can. And I WILL.” It’s this mantra that gets Olivia through weekly infusions and has inspired her family to find a way to give back to Seattle Children’s and the patients and families it serves.



Sunday, Oct 18th to Sunday, Oct 25th

4:00 PM

Sunday - October 25th 

Race concludes!

10:00 AM

Sunday - October 18th

Join us for a live streaming event to kick off Race Week!


Covid-19 has caused all of us to change course in so many ways. This includes the I Can and I Will Run. 

The virtual race will kick off on Sunday, October 18th concluding on Sunday, October 25th. The race was intended to start and finish near the Green Lake Community Center and the baseball fields. This 3.1 mile course utilizes a section of the inner path of the trail as well as the roads around Green Lake. The 10K route would include Lower Woodland Park and the roads circling the Woodland Park Zoo and then reconnect with the 5K course.

Now that we have become a Virtual Run, you can run anywhere and any time during that week!

Remember that every step you take will make a difference in the lives of families who are facing difficult diagnoses and financial hardship.

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